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Tinacious By Scott Alexander
Tinacious By Scott Alexander

Tinacious By Scott Alexander

"I think this is quite good…took me a second view to get it! Nice!" - Jamy Ian Swiss

"Looking to burn your magician friends too…then get this!" - Jeff Hobson

"TINacious ups your "card in mint tin" game. It'll fool skeptics, repeat customers, and magicians." - Curtis Kam

"Scott has come up with a winning solution to the card in tin plot! The sneaky stuff is done in plain sight and totally invisible. No false loads, no action loads opening the box, and nothing to break. This is GOLD for the strolling magician. Bravo!" - Michael Kaminskas

Making a card appear in a tin of mints is the go-to ending of ambitious card for hundreds of magicians. Unfortunately, you always have to switch that card in right at the moment when the most heat is on the card. If you could really do magic you would open that tin, and the audience member would remove their own card. Their jaw would drop because there would be no switch. Everyone would gasp because they actually saw the tin empty before the card appeared in the tin. That is exactly what TINacious is.

TINacious is a specially gimmicked mint tin that has no flaps or magnets. Designed by Scott Alexander, this highly durable gimmick allows you to secretly load a signed playing card into a mint tin right under the audience’s nose. The best part is that when the mint tin is opened the card inside is actually their card. The audience can remove the card from the tin themselves. There is no switch to catch because no switch occurs.

This gimmick is perfect for your every day carry. It packs small and plays huge. Thanks to the expert teaching by Scott, you’ll be performing this routine in no time. He even includes multiple routines to learn. Check out TINacious today.