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The Magical Mentalism Tour by Mel Mellers - Book
The Magical Mentalism Tour by Mel Mellers - Book

The Magical Mentalism Tour by Mel Mellers - Book

A brand new book from Mel Mellers. Magicseen Publications is delighted to announce the publication of another collection of terrific material from comedy mentalist Mel Mellers. Entitled the Mel Mellers' Magical Mentalism Tour, this 9" x 6" soft back book runs to 92 pages and features 28 of Mel's mentalism ideas, each of which is commercial and entertaining.

It also has an interesting essay on getting the basics right as well as three further pages of great one liners to use in any act. Mel's methods are practical and uncomplicated - he has a real gift for getting directly to the nub of what is needed to create any desired effect - and so there will be many ideas which will soon be finding their way into the repertoire of magicians worldwide. Those who bought Mel's first Magicseen publication (The Travelling Trickster) will no doubt be delighted to get hold of more of Mel's funny mental material.


Svengali Postcards
Any Time Impromptu Book Test
My Drink Prediction
Blackout Gag
Minor Miracle with M&Ms
The Magic Square
Thumbwriter Ploy
Just Chance Running Gag
Don't-Touch-the-Deck Card Revelation
Pseudo Rapid Memory Demonstration
Fairer Than That
Perfect Match
Opposites and Associations
The Mind Reading Banana
Personality Cards Trick
Never Repeat a Card
The Basics
The Envelope Ploy
Snowstorm Scrying
Not the Queen of Hearts
Stand Up Any Card at Any Name
The Psychic Glove
The Devil's Hanky Switch
National Geographic Book Test/Drawing Duplication
Sergi Vodka Volotsky - the Russian Mindreader
Pocket Power
Dial a Mindreader
Name The Name Under Impossible Conditions
Pull String Switch Pad
One Liners

  • 92 pages, soft backed, 28 routines plus great advice and a range of terrific one liners
  • Mel Mellers once again provides a terrific selection of his practical comedy material
  • With years of professional performance behind him, Mel Mellers knows how to create commercial material that works, and this book is full of it