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Street Magic Magazine August/September 2007 Issue by Black's Magic - Book
Street Magic Magazine August/September 2007 Issue by Black's Magic - Book

Street Magic Magazine August/September 2007 Issue by Black's Magic - Book

This Issue's Highlights:

Feature: Morgan Strebler

So you think that since you know how to bend a fork that you're ready to take on the world? Get in line, I'm afraid. There's someone in front who's already on the verge. After some rough times and some incredible times, Morgan is now ready to take what's his and has the chops, talent, look, and dedication to make it all happen. Our Publisher and Chief Of Staff, James L. Clark, takes another cover story and brings it to life with this fascinating talk with Mr. Strebler. What you read inside will give you new found appreciation of 'what it takes' to make in the world of magic.

Stepping Up to the Plate!

Jamie D. Grant is the man. No seriously, he is the man for this issue of Street Magic Magazine. Jamie became the de facto editor as he is next in line to take control.

So, when James left for a business trip out to meet with Cyril, Jamie stepped up to the plate and gave the rest of the crew the necessary leadership required to make this current issue a reality.

From managing the writers and contributors to assuring all of the necessary content made it in time for layout-Jamie really took the bull by the horns and made it happen. Without his direction, it wouldn't have happened.

We're tremendously happy with the way this issue has turned out, so make sure you say hi to Jamie and give him a well-deserved ataboy when you get a chance. He deserves the credit, but if you have any complaints... you can still fire those off to James to handle... that's always entertaining for the rest of us here at SM!

Magic Friday

Well, we might as well just roll right into Magic Friday then since we were just stroking Jamie's genius (I'm trying to get promoted here myself), and this rendition of his unique way of reviewing effects.

For those of you who are fans of Jamie D. Grant's fantastic Magic Fridays, then you are not going to be disappointed by the content this time around.

In typical fashion, our Content Editor Editor kicks it into high gear with some real world reviews on three great products:
  • Change Cap by Creative Magic
  • Shoe Pouch by Eric Evans
  • Sudden Deck II by David Regal

And as we said in the last issue, watch out... Jamie's reviews have been known to sell at least three items for every 25,000+ people who read them!

The LA 411

We're totally excited to have some new contributors this issue and are very happy to welcome them all to the Street Magic Team!

In L.A. Ramblings Gerry Katzman gives you a look from the inside-out with his views from the goings on the City of Angels. From the latest at the Castle to hanging out with the stars (check out the pic of Jennifer Love Hewitt) Gerry is sure to catch your eyes and ears with his unique take on life in the big city.

Eric Evans gives us the word...

This has to be one of the highest anticipated columns we've come across.

After people realized that "Street Magic" didn't mean kidz with kardz, they began asking when we were going to get an article written by a professional busker.

And when word began to spread that Eric Evans was on board to write, the calls started coming in. When this man speaks, the true workers listen.

Eric has performed all over the world and we can't wait for you to listen to the wisdom that he's going to share with you.

More Reviews and Tricks

After a costly study, we found that the first thing magicians turned to was the review section and then the trick section of Street Magic Magazine. Bound and determined to make this magazine a publication for the real magicians out there (i.e. people who actually perform magic for people as opposed to guys who just quote'n'post~ if you don't know what quote'n'posting is then you better pick this issue up) we've put in more reviews for tricks that you'll actually use and some reviews to prevent you from buying absolute crap. Combine that with some effects from the likes of Bill Abbott and Todd Robbins and you've got a couple amazing days of reading and learning ahead of you.

The Blow Off

After receiving an e-mail about us not giving enough attention to the history of magic, we promptly got in touch with Jeremy Weiss to teach us how it all began.

Jeremy takes us on a trip down memory lane with an educating tale of how it all really went down. And it's not how you think. Jeremy brings us back to a time where magic meant something more than just trying to make a buck. Namely making two bucks.

Read more to find out how they did it...


Do you know who James Harrison is yet?

Well you should. After all he knows all about you- including your Drivers Licence number, your Amex number, and the telephone number for that waitress you just met.

And for his third edition of his popular series, he's going to let you in on more of his thoughts about how to get into people's hearts and minds, along with their pockets.

It's not an easy thing what he does but James gives you some professional insight on what it takes to reach down deep.

Plus so much more!

Street Magic is a cross between magazines like Maxim, FHM, GQ, and Thrasher with a magic flavor that makes us stand WAY out from the crowd. We are fresh, up-to-date, and from the streets.

We don't BS, we don't play politics, and we are in your face with hard-hitting articles, features, reviews, and in-depth interviews with the hottest magicians around. If some piece in our magazine doesn't get you pissed off or thinking, then we've not done our job.

We are here to provoke intelligent thought, logical discourse, and to positively influence magicians of all levels into thinking outside the proverbial "magic" box, and start pushing our art to the next level.

SM is a magazine for the thinking magician-for artists who don't want to fall in line and be like everyone else, but want to stand out from the crowd and be proud of who they are, where they are going, what they accomplish, and the legacy they leave behind. SM is about you and we prove that by featuring magicians of all levels. You don't have to have been dead for 70 years to get the cover.

We are about the rising leaders in magic-the ones who entertain on the street, stage, and screen today, in the near future, and in the days to come. And we are for all the magic shops-the places that got us into magic in the first place. We are not about ad space; we are about content and producing a magazine that increases the public's interest in our art.

But most of all, we are totally unpredictable. Period. You'll never know what's going to happen next in SM-and that's what makes us really stand out.