Stars Of Magic (Soft Cover) By Meir Yedid

Stars Of Magic (Soft Cover) By Meir Yedid
Stars Of Magic (Soft Cover) By Meir Yedid
Stars Of Magic (Soft Cover) By Meir Yedid
Stars Of Magic (Soft Cover) By Meir Yedid
If you have not read and learned the magic contained in this book, you are not yet a full-fledged...
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If you have not read and learned the magic contained in this book, you are not yet a full-fledged, close-up magician. The magic by John Scarne, Dai Vernon, Bert Allerton, S. Leo Horowitz, Emil Jarrow, Francis Carlyle, Dr. Jacob Daley, Tony Slydini, Ross Bertram, Nate Leipzig, and Max Malini helped shape the art of close-up magic as we know it.

It has often been said that mastering the magic in this book will make you an accomplished close-up and sleight-of-hand artist. In many ways, it contains all the magic you need to build a professional caliber repertoire. Many have earned a living performing these routines and now you can, too.

Includes: 41 incredible routines by 11 amazing artists, a historical introduction and a bonus section with private correspondence related to the Stars of Magic.

Second Edition. First Paperback Edition. Published by Meir Yedid Magic in 2017. 176 pages written by George Starke, Dr. Jacob Daley, Bruce Elliott and Meir Yedid. 378 photographs by George Karger. 8.5 x 11 inch, softcover, perfect-bound.

All of the routines were originally sold as separate manuscripts. Purchased separately, they would have cost you US $98.00. Below are their original descriptions:

Series 1, No. 1: John Scarne's Classic Ball Routine:

The effect is a bewildering series of magical appearances and disappearances of small balls. Starting out by taking a pinch of ashes from an ash tray, you cause ball after ball to mysteriously materialize, multiply and vanish. At the end of the routine, the balls become ashes once again.

Series 1, No. 2: John Scarne's Triple Coincidence:

Using two ordinary decks with backs of different designs, the spectator shuffles one deck while the performer shuffles the other. At no time does the performer touch the spectator's deck. The spectator cuts his deck three times, each time exchanging a card with the performer. When both ribbon-spread their decks, a miracle is accomplished -- each time, the spectator and performer turn up one of the three stranger cards in their decks, the cards turn out to be alike -- a knock-out triple coincidence. Both decks are left on the table for examination.

Series 1, No. 3: John Scarne's Silver and Copper Trick:

A silver coin in the spectator's hand changes place magically with a copper coin in the hand of the performer. This is followed by a beautiful penetration effect of the coin passing through the trousers pocket. For many years, magicians were under the impression that Scarne used gimmicked coins. Now, Scarne shows that he does it with ordinary coins and gives you his exact method.

Series 2, No. 1: Dai Vernon's Triumph:

Dai Vernon divulges one of his most astonishing discoveries, an exquisite card miracle entitled "Triumph." A revolutionary sleight is involved which will be coveted by every magician. It is an easy-to-do false shuffle equivalent to a pull-through shuffle, considered one of the most difficult of all gambling sleights. Very few magicians are able to execute a neat and deceptive pull-through because it requires years of constant practice and most of them have abandoned the effort in disgust. Now, by means of Dai Vernon's false shuffle, you can achieve the same result with very little practice. You will find it the perfect false shuffle for maintaining the order of the reds and blacks. Furthermore, lovers of gambling tricks will rejoice in this sleight because the order of the entire pack can be kept intact.

Series 2, No. 2: Dai Vernon's Cutting the Aces:

The four aces, fairly distributed throughout the deck, are cut to with uncanny accuracy in a new and impressive manner. Few magicians have as yet been privileged to view this extraordinary routine that produces one of the most entertaining impromptu effects in card magic. Dai Vernon also discloses here, for the first time, his own method of controlling cards during the process of cutting.

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