Outlaws Crimson

Outlaws Crimson
Outlaws Crimson
Outlaws Crimson
The best decks this side of the line. Introducing Outlaws Crimson! With the release of The Ou...
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The best decks this side of the line.

Introducing Outlaws Crimson!

With the release of The Outlaws Vault, we also introduced a new chapter for the Outlaws brand of playing cards—the gorgeous red variant, Crimson.

This deck complements and completes the original Outlaws deck perfectly. While the original is a deck you save for your more auspicious events, the understated design of Outlaws Crimson works for any and every occasion.

These cards look and feel incredible, and they might just become your favorite deck to use every day.

We worked so hard on Outlaws that we didn't even know how to introduce them when the original deck launched. Ever done that? Like, it matters so much to you that you're just terrified you'll screw up just talking about it? That's me right now.

It was more than a year of development and design, and I'm unbelievably excited to announce that our original custom deck of premium playing cards now has a new sibling.

Introducing: Outlaws & Outlaws Crimson

Outlaws feel like they came from another world. A wonderful, strange place where rogues from all realities cross paths.

The Knight.
The Shaman.
The Daredevil.
The Gambler.

Archetypal outsiders through all of history find themselves face-to-face with each other at a haunting crossroads.

The art is gorgeous on these cards. Printed on premium stock and featuring reflective inks in the original, you're going to love the way they glimmer in your hands.

We worked directly with our friends at theory11 and the US Playing Card company when designing Outlaws, so you know that once again you're getting a no-holds-barred, top-of-the-line quality deck of premium playing cards.

Arcane symbols meet 6-cylinder engines. The Old West meets a wild stunt spectacular. The more you handle these cards, the more you'll want to soak in their story.

I. Simply. Love. These. Decks. I can't wait for you to get your hands on them!

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