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Making the Cut Book by Ryan Schlutz
Making the Cut Book by Ryan Schlutz

Making the Cut Book by Ryan Schlutz


Ryan Schlutz is an elegant and underrated performer from Orlando. Years ago he created The Pivotal Peek, one of the most diabolical and fresh peek methods we’ve seen in years. Now he has released a hardbound book, and we’re REALLY impressed.

The book is filled with a mixture of effects, moves, and essays. Each one is described in great detail, with gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations. Seemingly out of nowhere, this high-quality book is available now and ready to ship.

If you like One Degree and material by the likes of John Bannon, Roy Walton, and Pit Hartling, this material is right up your alley. It’s 113 well-written pages of extremely thoughtful magic.

Here is just a taste of what you’ll find in Making the Cut...

Sense-sational - An diabolical impossible location that has fooled just as many laymen as it has magicians. Three selections are found with the senses, using what seems to be a completely hands off approach.

The Pivotal Peek - A Peek that fools magicians! This is the move Ryan is most known for. It is very deceptive and leaves no trace to how the card was peeked.

Insignia - “Ryan has added a Super-Commercial dimension to the moving signature effect. This is well thought out visual magic that creates a memento that spectators will want to keep and talk about. Good Stuff” --John Bannon

Untouchables - A completely hands off effect that starts with a coincidence, take us “out of this world” and ends with a Tamariz Classic. Oh, and the deck can be borrowed.

Fing-jit-su - a walk around presentation for Pit Hartling's Finger Flicker routine, described in full with permission.

Sprung & Dagger – A previously marketed effect that is a unique twist on the card stab plot using a deck of card and a rubberband.

Hardbound, 131 Pages with 100 hand drawn, detailed Illustrations