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Lucky by John Bannon
Lucky by John Bannon
Lucky by John Bannon
Lucky by John Bannon

Lucky by John Bannon


CHOP SHOP. Card trick? Chop cup? Both? Neither? Fractal!

PROXY SHOCK. Performer suddenly nails a truly thought-of card.

CUT AND RUN. An extended running cut finds four Aces (or whatever you desire).

HYBRID HOLDOUT. Participant shuffles and cuts. Top stock: Controlled.

STEALTH ASSEMBLY (J. Carey). The most pistachio plain-vanilla Ace assembly.

BIG FAT BLUFF ACES. Scrupulously fair Ace assembly. Or do they?

PLOT TWIST. Best ending to the best card trick ever: Dai Vernon's "Twisting the Aces."

TRIPLICITY. Three perfect demonstrations of psychic power.

BLUES ALLEY JOKERS. Truly shocking appearance of Jokers sandwiching a selected card.

A FRED BY ANY OTHER NAME. The kooky performer has given all of the cards proper names - including your card.


"It's rare to find a set of lecture material where ALL ten items in the booklet contain professional grade, audience tested material AND the methods for every effect are within the range of most magicians. The material in Lucky will make sure you always have something strong and entertaining to go to. Highly recommended."
- Rolando Santos, The Linking Ring

"I see a LOT of magic and can sometimes become jaded. I instantly had that same feeling of seeing my first magic trick as a kid. Great ideas, great presentations, fooling effects, inspiring ideas. I couldn't wait to get this book and add some of the secrets to my repertoire. If you are a John Bannon fan, as I am, you will want to rush to get this."
- Tim Trono

"I bought yesterday your effect on Penguin, and I love it, for simplicity and impact, as you mention yourself ... Your magic is so full of these simple ways to achieve miracles ..."
- Gaetan Bloom (on "A Fred By Any Other Name")

"I love this ... even a mentalist who never uses cards will come up with angles ..."
- Marc Salem (on "A Fred By Any Other Name")

"Lecture notes" is an understatement: Lucky. is a complete, admirably edited book, a perfect bound 106-page collection of ten titled items. All the items are fascinating, and I wish I could have encountered them in a lecture. I'd have been badly fooled."
- Little Egypt Gazette