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Gestalt by Fraser Parker - Book

Gestalt by Fraser Parker - Book
"This new principle that Fraser has discovered allows you to gain a cue from a participant in rea...
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"This new principle that Fraser has discovered allows you to gain a cue from a participant in real time. It draws upon a natural and fundamental feature of human psychology and Fraser provides various ways to utilize it, embedded within the subtle use of language and scripting he is known for. I really like this, especially as the principle can be applied to many different routines. My mind is already whirling with ideas. Another great bit of thinking from Mr. Parker"
- Ross Bartels

"Fraser showed me the earliest version of this when he was working on it and even then I knew it was something amazing! As he refined the scripting it became a simplistic thing of beauty. Everyone I perform this to never even knows there's a method at play. It's an invisible and versatile tool everyone needs on their tool belt of methods"
- Dreygon Hibbler

"Mr. Parker is a different breed in the way he thinks about concepts in Mentalism. Gestalt is a perfect example. The first time I performed this as a star sign effect, it made me feel as if I was literally tapping into the mind of the participant. Once you have this in your hands you will see just how adaptable it is. So good!"
- Perna

Gestalt booklet

Prop-less Cue EMOG Principle

Gestalt is a groundbreaking new prop-less principle that allows you to secretly obtain a cue from your spectator. It stays completely hidden from the conscious awareness of those who you perform for and is modular in nature, which means it can be utilized in other effects.

Inside this booklet is taught a prop-less star sign utilizing this principle, as well as other various applications for it. You will be able to guess someone's star sign in literally 20-30 seconds with very little process or scripting.

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