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Genii Magazine "Olmedini" August 2019 - Book
Genii Magazine "Olmedini" August 2019 - Book

Genii Magazine "Olmedini" August 2019 - Book



August 2019


Olmedini el Mago Magnifico!
by Chloe Olewitz

David Copperfield's American Metaphors by Chloe Olewitz
The Lady with the Fairy Fingers The Incredible Story of Suzy Wandas by Kobe Van Herwegen, Christ Van Herwegen, Nikolaas Martens


Genii Speaks
by Richard Kaufman
Now Performing
The Eye
by Chloe Olewitz
On the Slant by Jon Racherbaumer
The Chamber of Secrets A Tiny Table, a Ladle, Some Dice, and a Mystery by John Gaughan
Conjuring Surgical Cards Aross by Jim Steinmeyer
Cardopolis Shuffle Cut Aces by David Britland
The Expert at the Kids' Table Making Something Out of Nothing by David Kaye
Secrets by Helge Thun
Secrets Within Secrets A "Crafty" Card Trick for Charlie by Jonathan Neal
Left-Handed by Jeff Prace
Priority Mail Teleport Envelope by Jeff Prace
Magicana by Jonathan Friedman
  • Pocket Twins by Larry Jennings
  • Double Estimate by Makeo Tom
The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii
  • Knights at The Magic Castle by Jason Andrew Davidson
  • The Magic Castle Performance Schedule

Books Reviewed by Tom Frame
  • Tesseract by Mike Powers
  • The Card Magic of Edward G. Brown by Trevor H. Hall, Edward G. Brown, Andi Gladwin
  • Seven Thoughts by Sungwon Kim
Tricks Reviewed by Brad Henderson
  • Turn by Peter Pellikaan
  • Predict n' Grab by Artur Santos
  • Titan by Nicholas Lawrence
  • Polish Poker by Michal Kociolek
  • Fake by SansMinds
Videos Reviewed by Ryan Matney
  • Max Maven LIVE ACT by Max Maven
  • The Windmill Change by Jin
  • Linking Rings by Paul Zenon
  • Where It Has To Go by Rick Lax
  • Totally Hands Off by Dani DaOrtiz
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