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CONTACT Starring Tyas Frantz (DVD)

CONTACT Starring Tyas Frantz (DVD)
"The illusion created is one of a free-floating, weightless ball, subject to unusual laws of moti...
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"The illusion created is one of a free-floating, weightless ball, subject to unusual laws of motion. A good contact juggler can make his own movements seem almost unrelated to the movements of the ball; the attention of the audience is always fixed on the ball. Contact juggling is, above all, graceful and absorbing." -- James Ernest, Contact Juggling Pioneer and Author

Contact Juggling, also referred to as CJ or Dynamic Manipulation, is the art of manipulating one or more objects while keeping them in contact with your body.

In Contact Juggling, balls are rolled over the hands and body in visually interesting patterns instead of being tossed in the air.

Contact Jugglers perform with a wide variety of objects from pens to basketballs (Harlem Globtrotters), but the most popular object is the 3" acrylic ball. Contact balls are transparent, so they never appear to be spinning. This property allows the performer to create a mesmerizing effect wherein the balls appear to be sliding or floating accross the body. It's that element that attracts magicians to Contact Juggling. Indeed, good Contact Juggling looks a lot like magic.

On This DVD You'll Learn:

The Cradle
The Butterfly
Transfer Sequences
Two Ball Spins
Two Ball Stunts
Three Ball Spins
Three Ball Stunts
Bonus Tricks:
The Circle Toss
The Body Roll
The Two Ball Butterfly
Special bonus: Sit with Magic Historian Paul Draper as he interviews Tyas in the Penguin Magic studio.
Manufacturer Says
Contact Juggling has been done in various forms for centuries. Contact Juggling in its modern form was pionereed and popularized by Michael Moschen, the genius of physical coordination and choreography. Michael Moschen brought Contact Juggling to the public's attention when he performed as a hand-double for David Bowie in Labyrinth, a 1986 Jim Henson film.

Michael Moschen has done so much to develop this artform that some experts have said Contact Juggling should be called "Michael Moschen Juggling" instead.

Please Note: In this DVD, Tyas performs with up to FOUR 3" Acrylic Balls simultaneously. These are the recommended balls for Contact Juggling, and they're fairly expensive at $ 27.99 each. We recommend that beginners purchase the DVD and start learning the moves with a lacrosse ball, a billiard ball, or even an orange. You can Contact Juggle with any smooth and solid ball that's approximately 3" in diameter. Once you've mastered the moves you can easily switch to clear acrylic balls.

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