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Build Your Own Padlock

Build Your Own Padlock
Build Your Own Padlock
Become a locksmith in 15 minutes! (It pretty much feels like you've stolen fire from the gods. O...
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Become a locksmith in 15 minutes!

(It pretty much feels like you've stolen fire from the gods. Only you didn't get caught like that sucker Prometheus.) Hot damn, DEFCON was a blast. We met world-class security experts, lockpickers, and hackers... and everyone loved the exposed-pin padlocks we brought.

Being able to see the pins made learning to pick locks a breeze. But then we got back home, and discovered something even cooler: **Build-your-own exposed padlock kits!**

It's just what it sounds like: Not only do you get your very own exposed-pin training padlock and lockpick, but in a matter of only 15 minutes, you build it yourself!

Your kit contains everything you need to assemble your own practice lock, complete with instructions and a custom video walking you through all the steps.

Once assembled, the lock is rock-solid and a perfect practice tool. Crafting your lock is even easier than playing Minecraft, since there's NO CREEPERS! (We assume. Actually, don't hold us to that. But you definitely won't need to harvest any minerals to assemble it.)

The Build Your Own Padlock Kit is the perfect way to learn how to pick a padlock. You'll understand every single mechanic - every spring, every pin - because you're the one to build it. Check out the full walkthrough video:

Nephew's bike locked up and the key is lost? Now you're his family hero for life. Great-aunt Gertrude can't open that old trunk in the attic? Now you're #1 on the will. Neighbor locked out of his house? Screw that guy. He was a jerk anyway.

The entire experience is quick, easy, and a total blast to go through. It's like watching an episode of How Stuff Works come alive right in front of you. I mean, check out how mesmerizing it is just to watch the key run through the pins...

Plus, with the included lock pick and tension wrench, once the padlock is built, you'll be able to practice your picking skills right away.Check it all out on today's video:

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