Bicycle Foil Metalluxe (Red or Blue)

Bicycle Foil Metalluxe (Red or Blue)
Bicycle Foil Metalluxe (Red or Blue)
Bicycle Foil Metalluxe (Red or Blue)
Bicycle Foil Metalluxe (Red or Blue)
Bicycle Foil Metalluxe (Red or Blue)
Bicycle Foil Metalluxe (Red or Blue)
Playing card enthusiasts know there is a lot that goes in to making a great deck of cards. From t...
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Playing card enthusiasts know there is a lot that goes in to making a great deck of cards. From the card faces to the design of the card back to the tuck case and closure seal, all these elements of a great deck matter, down to the very last detail.

When foil technology first came to the playing card world, it was exciting to see a different take on design and use of playing cards because of the reflective qualities of the foil metal. Although an exciting development, the quality and durability of these playing cards were not meeting industry standards. The foil would flake and chip making the cards difficult to handle.

Now, the next step in the evolution of playing card history is here. Exclusively from The United States Playing Card Company comes the proprietary MetalLuxe™ technology.

What is MetalLuxe™?

It’s a proprietary technology that allows playing cards to carry a stamped metal application while keeping a long-lasting, playable, and extremely durable finish. This durable, high quality, premium application is achieved by first printing the card back, then applying a signature foil application. Then to ensure top quality, a customized coating for protection and durability is applied and then the Bicycle® brand classic Air-Cushion™ finish is applied.

MetalLuxe™ outperforms any other foil application because it is four times more durable, 30% more flexible, and has a premium Air-Cushion™ finish for superior handling. These elements combined ensure long-lasting, flake-free performance with every deck.

Light Reflection

It’s vivid light reflection, perfected.  Stamped with real metal to achieve a dazzling shine, each MetalLuxe™ card showcases brilliant luminescence, tone of color and unmatched durability. MetalLuxe™ is an unprecedented light reflection technology that showcases radiant and captivating light. MetalLuxe™ cards are a premium product coveted by all who know the intricacy of what goes into making a great deck of cards. Cardists intensify their performance and card players up their game with these glistening playing cards.

Check our our MetalLuxe™ video that showcases the luminous light reflection of these playing cards: MetalLuxe™ Video


There are particular application standards with the MetalLuxe™ technology. For example, MetalLuxe™ may only be applied to the card back and cannot be full bleed, or to the edge of the card. Artwork with MetalLuxe™ must be no smaller than 8pt line width. It is difficult to print areas of large coverage and areas of small intricate details in the same run and still achieve high quality results. Deck designs should consist of heavy coverage or intricate detail – not both.

For artwork orientation, all artwork that uses MetalLuxe™ must be mirrored; meaning the design is the same on the top of the card as on the bottom of the card. Ad cards can only be one sided. The card backs must be consistent across the sheet. With the MetalLuxe™ technology there can be no special card backs for Ad cards.

MetalLuxe™ is available in various colors, including; Cobalt, Golden, Crimson, Silver, and Emerald. Only one color of MetalLuxe™ can be applied to a sheet. While there are many colors available, all have different characteristics in terms of durability, scratch resistance, fade resistance, chemical resistance, brittleness, opacity, adherence, along with color and surface characteristics. Not all colors will perform the same. Also different stocks, different colors, and different images will all stamp differently.

One of the most widely-known card backs on the market, the Rider Back, demonstrates the potential of the MetalLuxe™ technology. The Rider Back design is one of the most complex and intricate design patterns to be printed on a card back. The level of detail and varying line widths push the capabilities of the MetalLuxe™ technology to the limit. By printing a design with detailed white space interwoven amongst a strong metal, the light reflection of the card back becomes absolutely radiant and elaborate.

MetalLuxe™ is the next step in the evolution of playing card history. With superior durability, flexibility, and handling, MetalLuxe™ is the highest quality application of metal applied to card backs. With the new MetalLuxe™ technology, light meets luxury.

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