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Arte Playing Cards (5 decks)

Arte Playing Cards (5 decks)
Arte Playing Cards (5 decks)
Arte Playing Cards (5 decks)
Arte Playing Cards (5 decks)
Arte Playing Cards (5 decks)
Arte Playing Cards (5 decks)
LIMITED EDITION: Only 800 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.Crafted and designed to make ARTEXPRESS ...
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This product is currently sold out.
LIMITED EDITION: Only 800 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

Crafted and designed to make ART


It is time for you to be recognized as an ARTIST with Arte Playing Cards.

Tell the world through magic who you are, what you like, and what excites you.

Transmit new emotions to your spectators and let them see the artist inside you.


Color is a tool for expressing and making different emotions be felt.

With these 5 colors you can transmit everything you want.

Passion, joy, mystery, originality ... There are no limits.

What is the next thing you want to express?


Carefully designed to make your magic more visual, more attractive, and make people want to pay attention to your magic.

The court cards show exactly the backs to create an incredible three-dimensional effect.

They are not boring and flat drawings. Looking at these cards is like viewing a painting in a museum, totally HYPNOTIC. Be amazed every time you look at them.


For the first time, here's a collection of decks with a full magic show included.

Each deck has a different personality. So you can use them for different routines during a show.

I present you with different artistic purposes to really amaze everyone, with a new concept for a card magic show.

Each deck comes with special cards that will help you expand your techniques and routines. This way, you will stop doing the same tricks every time.

All decks come with a professional and a beginner routine explained. These routines are specially selected for each deck.

  • Large Aces to improve visibility from any distance.
  • Original red and black colors and standard faces to avoid confusion.
  • Borders have been lowered to give the deck a fine and elegant look.
  • Standard Court designs
  • Premium Arte BOX to help protect all your decks
  • Premium Arte BOX has a ribbon to help you pull out decks easier.
Exceptional MATERIALS
  • We used the best and finest materials available.
  • CARTAMUNDI printing -- the company having the best quality results in the world of playing cards.
  • These cards have a B9 SlimLine paper finish. A material and finish for real workers.
  • Long-lasting glide, calibrated flexibility and a delicate cut to make your technique perfect.
Get your LIMITED Arte collection cards right now and express yourself as an ARTIST.


Each Arte box Contains

- 1 x PREMIUM black box with foil Arte letters
- 5 x Arte Playing cards (red, yellow, green, blue and purple.)
- 2 x Black Arte playing card boxes
- 1 x Envelope with your limited edition number and with online video INSTRUCTIONS in Spanish. (English subtitles coming soon)

Created by Borja Montón

Designed by Max Playing cards

Illustrated by Alba Cantalapiedra


"I love these designs. Is a totally different way to express yourself as an artist. Only with the design you will improve your magic and the way you transmit emotions"
Dani DaOrtiz

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