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Aces Front (Red or Blue) by Alan Wakeling, Jim Steinmeyer & Robert Ramirez


A classic routine by Alan Wakeling has been revised by Robert Ramirez! 

" of the few tricks performed by Lance Burton, Doug Henning and many other performers.  Fun to watch!" -Jim Steinmeyer

This routine originally appeared in The Magic of Alan Wakeling with instructions by Jim Steinmeyer  You have a mini deck of Bicycle Playing cards that you are going to train to find the Aces!  The entire shuffled deck is placed in a champagne glass, you simply TOUCH the glass with a silk and an Ace INSTANTLY comes to the face of the deck, as if you are teaching the cards how to find all the Aces.  You repeat this procedure three mores times, each appearance of an Ace is more impossible than the last!    This is the first time this complete routine has even been released! 

A great routine for close up or parlour and is incredible for virtual shows!  

Aces Front comes COMPLETE

with written instructions, downloadable instructions, champagne glass, silk, deck, rubber bands and all gimmicks!

We have also included the ORIGINAL handling by Alan Wakeling written by Jim Steinmeyer.

Includes the ENTIRE Aces Front performances and explanations PLUS TWO Bonus routines that have never been in print before by Robert Ramirez!

A color changing MINI deck!  A blue card is chosen and placed in the glass so there is NO WAY to manipulate it, and with a simple rub on the glass, the back CHANGES TO RED!  And then the entire deck changes to red!!

Shrink Wrapped is a SUPER visual routine with a rubber banded deck and a chosen card.  Very Clean and VERY easy to do!