A Book & Start By Anton

A Book & Start By Anton
A Book & Start By Anton
A Book & Start By Anton
A Book & Start By Anton
‘A book’ contains five of the hardest hitting routines taken straight from my working repertoire....
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‘A book’ contains five of the hardest hitting routines taken straight from my working repertoire. These are routines performed hundreds of times, for real paying audiences. They are the things I put food on my table with, so you’ll find no pipe-dreams or bullshit. They are methods that work every time, and presentations people care about. You don’t just get the routine and method for each trick, you also get a full script where every beat is dissected, explained and analysed so you can see why things are that way, and apply the thinking to your own work.

The Routines include:

The way to turn your spectator into your personal puppet, controlling their every movement
A routine in which the spectator risks revealing their darkest secret to the whole room
Cold war drama combined with killer methods to prove you are a true super soldier
Demonstrate shuffle tracking, with only your ears
A diary effect, that is logical, funny, impactful, and effortless to perform.
Along with these effects you also get explorations and essays on:

The creative techniques that got me hired as a tutor by one of the worlds biggest magicians
A ‘bullet-time’ exploration of how to deal with hecklers, written from the trenches of comedy and cabaret clubs
What the biggest problem in magic actually is, and how you can avoid it
What improv can teach you about magic
And so much more.
With 220+ pages of dynamite material, why not treat yourself to ‘A Book’ today?

Also included is Antons book START: 

Imagine being able to create unique and innovative effects and routines with ease. Imagine not having to turn to magic dealers and spend money to have access to a supply of new magic.

What if you could have an endless resource of unique routines unlike anything performed by any one else? 

You can, and in ‘Start’ I teach my full process for generating new ideas and mining down into them to find the best way to exploit them. This technique focuses on bringing you and your individuality to the forefront, resulting in you having magic unlike anyone else in the world. If you want to step out of the pack, leave the dealer junkies behind, and begin creating unique magic you can. All you have to do is START

This is the best book I’ve ever read on the subject of the performance of magic, mentalism and variety. The brilliance of the lessons inside is that it’s actually founded in experience of performing. If you too are sick and tired if theory books on the art of performing which have been written by non performers from a dusty old armchair, and instead want to know what really works from someone who actually depends on these skills to perform and entertain people – then I recommend you pick up this book.

– Ken Dyne

“Anton is the real deal. An incredibly creative guy who is a full-time working pro. This book represents not only incredible routines from a his repertoire, but also the real work on how to stand out from your competition”

– Dee Christopher, Star of Killer Magic

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